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Physics 120 Notes

These notes are for OpenStax College Physics Paul Peter Urone and Roger Hinrichs


They are based on notes from

College Physics by Raymond Serway and Jerry S. Faughn


Physics by James S. Walker.

Chapter Topic Link
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Nature of Science and Physics Click Here
Chapter 2 Kinematics Click Here
Chapter 3 Two-Dimensional Kinematics Click Here
Chapter 4 Dynamics: Force and Newton's Laws of Motion Click Here
Chapter 5 Further Application of Newton's Laws Click Here
Chapter 6 Uniform Circular Motion and Gravitation Click Here
Chapter 7 Work, Energy, and Energy Resources Click Here
Chapter 8 Linear Momentum and Collisions Click Here
Chapter 9 Statis and Torque Click Here
Chapter 10 Rotational Motion and Angular Momentum Click Here
Chapter 11 Fluid Statics
Chapter 12 Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 13 Temperature, Kinetic Theory, and the Gas Laws Click Here
Chapter 14 Heat and Heat Transfer Click Here
Chapter 15 Thermodynamics Click Here
Chapter 16 Oscilatory Motion and Waves

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